Culture & Nature

Get under the skin of Oman’s rich nature and culture with a specifically-focussed trip.

Here’s an example of a recent bespoke itinerary we put together for a couple who had already seen much of what Northern Oman had to offer but wanted to discover something new:

The trip began with two nights in one of the largest sand deserts in the world: the Empty Quarter. After a day spent exploring the dunes we organised for a local Bedouin from the Haraizi tribe to take our guests to visit his camels and explain how traditional life is rapidly disappearing. From the desert to the coast – next we organised for Oman’s leading marine expert to guide our guests through a day of spotting and tracking some spectacular whales. Whilst exploring the coast, we set up a beautiful camp in a deserted wadi at the foot of the Jebel Samhan Mountains, one of the few places on the Arabian Peninsula where the Arabian Leopard can still be found. During the night we heard wolves calling and the following morning saw footprints – evidence that a pack had been nearby!

Our onward journey took us along the coast to Shuwaymiyah, where we met some of the few Jibali people who are still engaged in traditional handicrafts. Here we spent some time with a number of ladies who are involved, uniquely, in making silver jewellery and a perfumed incense called Bakhoor. We also met a local potter and leather tanners and visited some inspirational ancient rock art whilst accompanied by one of the country’s leading experts on Oman’s traditional crafts and artisanal history. To finish we set up camp on the secluded shores close to the historic town of Mirbat – the perfect place to reflect on a wonderful week whilst enjoying a last glimpse of the Indian Ocean.