Khalouf & Bar al Hickmann

Experience the quiet beauty of Oman’s Indian Ocean coast with a trip to Khalouf and Bar al Hickmann.

Around five hours drive south of Muscat, the wide sands of Khalouf are the perfect place from which to enjoy the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Tourists rarely come here, making it the ideal location for honeymooners, bird watchers and adventurous families. The nearby Bar al Hickmann, a 50km square saltpan of dramatic lunar landscape, is home to numerous migrant and resident birds. Here you can also swim in the lagoon and camp on the white sand.

I wish we had longer at Bar al Hickman, collecting tritons, bathing in the warm sea water, and sleeping late in our white bell tents, which have beds with proper mattresses and more bespoke textiles from the tailors in the Muscat souks.  This is less a camp than an exclusive hotel whose decor is constantly changing, on the move… Susan Hack, Condé Nast Traveler


Our team will tailor-build you a private camp a few metres from the waves amongst the backdrop of the cliffs – a base from which you can relax on cushions and watch the dhows navigate the coast before heading out to try some snorkelling or swimming. Don’t forget to visit Masirah island, a short and chaotic ferry ride off Oman’s East coast. This 95km-long land mass is an important breeding ground for sea turtles and also has a thriving bird population.

Since this area is a fair drive from Muscat, we suggest staying for at least two nights, ideally as part of a longer trip also involving a stay in the Wahiba Sands.