Mark Graham (Asia Weekly)

Mark Graham (Asia Weekly)

The slow creaking open of Oman’s window to the outside world has resulted in the Middle Eastern gem avoiding the rampant consumerism and glitzy over-the-top architecture so among its neighbours…

One of the most popular places to experience the try remoteness of Oman is the desert landscape of the Wahiba Sands, rated as some of the most spectacular dunes n the entire country, with terrain straight out of Lawrence of Arabia…

Among the upmarket companies take high-end travellers on desert adventures is Hud Hud Travels. After a day’s driving or even camel riding through the dunes, groups arrive at tented camps equipped with beds, a gourmet chef and even showers.

“The desert has an almost mystical charm which is enhanced by its place in history in relation to Lawrence of Arabia, Wilfred Thesiger and others” says Eric Walters, director of Hud Hud Travels. “To evoke the same emotions of solitude and stillness, you need to travel deep into the desert to get away from other people, cars and light pollution from villages and roads. We normally camp around 40 kilometres into the Wahiba.”

“All of our tours are private a can range from one night in the desert to an eight-night expedition travelling the 1,000 kilometres or so from Muscat to Salalah, using boats, cars and quad bikes. The options are almost endless.”