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United in achievement, unstoppable in spirit.

Here at Hud Hud we are expert at creating magical events in wonderful settings, from remote beaches to ruined villages.

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Who we are

How it all began

Hud Hud Travels was founded in 2007 by a team of former British military professionals with the aim of organizing exclusive trips for ultra-high net worth individuals. Our journey began with the success of an initial trip, which inspired us to establish a formal business dedicated to crafting unique, high-end, and ultra-luxurious experiences infused with local culture and a personal touch.

In 2008, new owners, including a former senior executive from Ernst and Young, acquired the company and restructured its operations. Since 2017, HH Sayyid Taimur Bin Shabib Al Said, has taken the helm as the sole owner. His background in adventure travel and his experience working with prestigious organizations like Abercrombie and Kent in India and Morocco have deeply influenced our approach.

Initially, Hud Hud Travels operated as a lifestyle business. However, under our new ownership, it has undergone a remarkable transformation. We have evolved into a professionally managed, internationally recognized tour operator, renowned for providing luxury mobile camps. Our latest addition to the portfolio is the Ibra, a fully refurbished Dhow boat featuring modern textiles and vanities, offering a yacht-like adventure with an authentic touch in its design. Notably, Ibra stands as Oman’s first modern luxury live-aboard Dhow.

Looking ahead, we have ambitious plans, including the establishment of sustainable semi-permanent camps in remote locations, further enhancing our commitment to exceptional, environmentally conscious travel experiences.

What we do

Nomadic-style luxury in Oman

Hud Hud Travels is a luxury tour operator based in Oman that specializes in crafting bespoke travel experiences. We curate personalized journeys for travelers, offering unique and immersive adventures across Oman’s diverse landscapes, including mountains, deserts, and coastal areas. Hud Hud Travels is known for their nomadic-style camping experiences, where guests can enjoy the beauty of nature while staying in luxurious accommodations. They also organize cultural and heritage tours, providing travelers with insights into Oman’s rich history and traditions. Additionally, the company offers private dhow charters, allowing guests to explore the Arabian Sea and visit beautiful islands such as the Ad Dimaniyat Islands and Bandar Khairan. Hud Hud Travels is renowned for its attention to detail, commitment to customer satisfaction, and the ability to create memorable and authentic travel experiences. 

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Why us

Our legacy of experiences fosters lasting loyalty.

15+ years of experience

We have honed our skills in curating private luxury mobile camps amidst the vast expanse of Oman’s majestic landscapes. Our wealth of experience offers unparalleled comfort and ensures deep connection with nature and culture.

200+ interchangeable options

With a local touch and deep roots connecting the two modern and ancient themes of sophistication, we will create an awe-inspiring rural moment of happiness during each touchpoint of your Journey.

20+ years of experience in the travel industry

The kind of experiences we provide create a deep, personal, and emotional connection with our guests. We constantly strive to innovate and improve this by creating a stronger sense of loyalty.  

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Sustainability Statement

Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is one of Hud Hud`s longest and progressive journeys. Our aim is to provide journeys that are educational and engaging for our guests.

Our commitment to responsible tourism practices make sure to promote cultural exchange, local artisanship, and the preservation of traditional customs and practices.

We prioritise working closely with local communities to ensure our presence contributes positively to their well-being, empowering them economically and socially.

The history & heritage

Together on your journey

The history and heritage of Oman are imbued with high moral standards, beliefs, and social values, creating an enriching experience for people who choose to immigrate here from all parts of the world. Oman’s cultural richness often leaves it`s visitors in awe, offering moments that are truly inspiring. It is known to have some of the best hospitality. To be at the receiving end of Omani hospitality is a natural element of experiencing luxury. 

With vast backgrounds and different leaders bringing in innovative and customized experiences throughout the journey of Hud Hud `s growth, we have added the icing on the cake for you to experience everything entailing Oman`s cultural experiences consisting of dining, arts, music, and tradition.  

Last but not least, the things that make our history so exquisite are the things that surround us. What has truly led to our modern sophisticated adventures of diversity is the nature that surrounds our remote landscapes. These locations all have a story behind it. One that showcases Oman`s history and heritage in the most educative and visualizing ways. This is how our history is and always has been. Our goal now is to strive towards spreading awareness by showcasing it through our awe-inspiring experiences.


Protecting endangered species and pristine landscapes.

 Hud Hud`s action towards sustainable tourism and its preservation of some of Earth’s most prestigious nature reserves is it`s utmost priority along putting their guests’ experiences first. We make sure to take care of our local communities, empowering them socially and economically. Our company is all about showcasing luxury through authenticity and the best way to do that is to make sure to stay true to locally supporting your people. 

Our equipment and tools used to create and construct adventures for our guests are in-house in many ways. Hand crafted plates, cups, bowls, hats, and placemats are all intricately designed to showcase artesian patterns that are true to the Omani architecture of its sculpted monuments like its forts and castles. 

Last but not least, the preservation of many of Oman’s Islands and animals are imperative to Hud Huds travel experiences. Oman is home to some of the world’s most critically endangered & vulnerable turtle species like the Loggerhead, Green, Hawksbill, & Olive Ridley turtles. It is also home to the Arabian Humpback whales which are endangered across the globe; however, many can still be found in Oman. The same applies to the Egyptian vulture and many more species. 

As responsible stewards of our planet, we are committed to doing more to preserve the environment, we strive to protect our nature for a greener & healthier future for generations to come.