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Here at Hud Hud we are experts at creating magical events in off the grid settings, from remote beaches to ruined villages.

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Experts at creating magical events

Our chefs work hard to produce delicious locally sourced food in the wildest locations and our camps can be tailored to suit almost any occasion from a honeymoon amongst the dunes of the Empty Quarter to a vibrant birthday dinner on a beach in Bar al Hickman. We can also organise daytime events such as treasure hunts, al fresco lunches and local shopping challenges too.

Our team building focus is normally off the grid and we like to immerse companies into our realm for example a survival course in the desert to challenge people mentally and physically and remind them how important it is to work as a team in a harsh environment. Finish off with a lavish dinner in the desert with us and possibly a camp we also work with many of the other camps so we can create an event to suit different budgets.

Hud Hud are masters at organising private dinners and parties in the most exquisite locations. 
The team at Hud Hud has extensive experience of working with groups of varying sizes and for both corporate and military clientelle.
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At Hud Hud Travels we specialise in creating unforgettable journeys throughout Oman for single travellers, couples, families and groups.

Hud Hud’s travel itineraries in Northern Oman allow guests to visit Muscat and its surroundings as well as the more rural sides of the country including deserts, beaches and mountains.

Hud Hud’s travel itineraries in Southern Oman the region of “Dhofar” introduce guests to Salalah, Mirbat and its surroundings as well as the more undiscovered areas like Wadi Exil, Shuwaymiyah and the infamous Empty Quarter Desert.

 Embark on bespoke nomadic journeys, weaving through the enchanting tapestry of deserts, mountains, and seas, each experience tailored to your unique wanderlust.