Southern Oman

Southern Oman

About the area

A hidden gem

This relatively unexplored region boasts a contrasting hot desert climate and an annual ‘Khareef’ monsoon, which sees the landscape transformed into a green oasis between July and September. Located between the Arabian Sea and the Dhofar Mountains, Dhofar is a hidden gem known for its historical significance and natural beauty.

Salalah, the main city, was once a vital capital of the frankincense trade. Today, it remains an important economic centre.  Salalah is Oman’s second-largest city, a tropical coastal town laced with coconut palms and banana plantations.

During the Khareef season, the lush paradise draws visitors from the GCC to experience its misty charm. The region offers a mix of adventure, culture, and relaxation year-round.

Explore Dhofar’s rich heritage through ancient ruins and archaeological sites, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sumhuram. Hiking in the Samhan mountains or experiencing Bedouin culture in the Empty Quarter are must-do activities.

Indulge in Dhofar’s delicious cuisine, influenced by centuries of trade, featuring fragrant spices and fresh seafood. Whether you seek adventure or tranquillity, Dhofar promises an unforgettable experience amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

Southern Oman


Locations in Southern Oman

Experience the exquisite Dhofar region, with its contrasting scenery, historical sights and fascinating people.

Experience uninterrupted silence in the largest magnificent continuous sand desert on Earth. Covering most of the south-central portion of the Arabian Peninsula.

Nestled on a beautiful secluded beach, a camp near Mirbat provides an excellent base for exploring the coastal region around Salalah.
Wadi Exil is more than just a natural playground—it’s also steeped in history and culture. Along its winding paths, you’ll encounter ancient settlements, and traditional falaj irrigation systems, and the very lucky may see tracks or remains of the infamous mountain leopards or Arabian wolves just to name a few rare creatures lurking here.
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Our camps

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Our exclusive temporary settlements are reminiscent of a traditional, luxurious Arabian campsite. Each is created in Hud Hud’s unparalleled style, designed to meld into the natural environment and evoke the timeless ambience of the region.


Our Luxury camps offer lavish comforts amidst nature’s beauty, where every detail is meticulously designed for a sumptuous and unforgettable experience.

Great food

Great food experiences tantalize the senses, weaving a delightful narrative of flavours, aromas, and textures, creating memorable moments that linger long after the last bite.


Nomadic-style tented camps are adorned with rich textiles and intricate details, blending traditional Bedouin elegance with modern sophistication.

Environment friendly

Our environmentally friendly camps harmonize opulence with eco-consciousness, offering a serene retreat where indulgence meets sustainability amidst Oman`s natural splendor.


Other Journeys

All of the journeys described here are templates but we aren’t prescriptive about what should or shouldn’t be included. We can easily add to or alter itineraries based on our understanding of your individual needs. We work closely with all the major five star hotels and will incorporate this into your itinerary where possible in order to ensure that a high level of luxury and style is maintained throughout your trip.

Hud Hud’s travel itineraries in Northern Oman allow guests to visit Muscat and its surroundings as well as the more rural sides of the country including deserts, beaches and mountains.
Embark on bespoke nomadic journeys, weaving through the enchanting tapestry of deserts, mountains, and seas, each experience tailored to your unique wanderlust.