JOURNEYS - Southern Oman - Wadi Exil
Southern Oman

Wadi Exil


Captivating landscapes

Wadi Exil is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, including lush vegetation, rocky cliffs, and seasonal waterfalls.

Visitors often explore its picturesque landscapes, hike along its trails, and enjoy swimming in its pools during the rainy season.

It’s one of the many captivating wadis (valleys) that Oman has to offer, providing visitors with opportunities for outdoor adventure and relaxation in nature.

This area is our Dhofari guides’ backyard. Until the mid 90’s some of their family still lived in the surrounding caves, leading a nomadic life that had existed for generations. Tending to their goats and camels was an important investment in their future.

It is possible to do a trek towards a secret spring at thetop of the wadi, where crystal clear water appears magically from the foot of an imposing cliff face. There will be time enough in the day to really immerse ourselves in this hiddenlandscape. These wadis and mountains have been home to a number of Bedouin tribes for as long as anyone can remember.

JOURNEYS - Southern Oman - Wadi Exil

I think having land and not ruining is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want.

Andy Warhol,

visual artist

JOURNEYS - Southern Oman - Wadi Exil

Getting there from the Empty Quarter

Today, we will leave our desert camp behind and retrace our steps to Thumrait and carry on south then turn east onto a rugged Bedouin trail that takes us deeper into the terrain.

Wadi Exil is set deep in an almost African landscape, with low Acacias spreading their familiar canopies to provide shade from the sun when it is at its zenith. Our campsite is within the wadi itself on raised ground, with polished white stones along the edge, where water has eroded and smoothed down the rocks. We are now in the homeland of porcupines and wolves, cave doves, black beetles and sand partridges.

Although rare to see with the naked eye Arabian leopards have been spotted here too. A great place to spend two nights exploring the area…

After freshening up in your private open-air shower, dinner will be prepared and served by your personal camp chef, as you watch the sun sink over the horizon from your intimate Wadi Retreat Overnight at a Private Hud Hud Wadi Camp in Wadi Exil.

Take a look at what else is possible during your trip to the wadi.

Our favourite combination is to combine a Wadi Exil camp with a camp in the Empty Quarter followed by 2-3 nights at either the Alila in Mirbat or Ananatara in Salalah or if time permits both.


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