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We work closely with our guests to put together imaginative events in dramatic and often remote environments

Here’s an example of an innovative programme we put together for a senior management team:

After an initial meeting our drivers collected the teams and whisked them off to the vast sand dunes on the northeastern edge of the Empty Quarter where they were met by our desert survival experts and piles of poles, rope, tarpaulins, camping stoves and all rations necessary for them to make a shelter and basic supper for their teams. After a short briefing, the teams were advised by our desert survival experts and tasked with constructing their accommodation and cooking their supper for the night!

Events & Team Building - Team Building
Events & Team Building - Team Building
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When sunset approached the teams were led up the dunes via four-wheel-drive vehicles, quad bikes, foot and sand boards and rewarded at the top with a toast and some fantastic views over the desert. When they returned to camp exultant, our leaders greeted them with ice cold flannels, icy drinks and tents filled with Egyptian cotton sheets and feather pillows. A candlelit celebratory dinner was served, complete with white linen tablecloths, after which everybody enjoyed coffee and baklava whilst peering through the powerful telescope amidst the aroma of frankincense and sheesha pipes.

There was fresh coffee and tea for those up early enough to enjoy the dawn, and a substantial breakfast a little later served in the shade of the majlis followed by a briefing on the day’s activities. The participants were then divided into groups of four and given a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, GPS and safety equipment. After a short, intense course on desert driving and satellite navigation, they had the rest of the day to complete some tasks such as shopping in a souk (bartering language and navigation skills were useful here) with members of our team monitoring their progress.

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After a delicious lunch in an old Omani fort, the afternoon was dedicated to a geocaching exercise as groups tried to find as many of the hidden caches as possible in the afternoon. Teams could choose to undertake additional side tasks in order to gain more points, with some of these attracting some uniquely Omani prizes.

The following day, after a leisurely breakfast, the group met under the shade of the majlis before leaving for Muscat. The journey back to the capital was punctuated by lunch up the mountains, a view of Jebel Shams (Oman’s highest peak) and a spectacular water filled-wadi before arriving at The Chedi, one of the capital’s most luxurious hotels.

Events & Team Building - Team Building

To discuss your requirements in more detail, please get in touch with us.

If you mention dates, number of people, what you are looking for and budget, we will be able to provide you with some initial ideas.


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