At all of our camps and any events that we host, we work tirelessly to ensure the surrounding area is pristine and free of any rubbish before guests arrive; taking even more care to ensure there is no trace of our presence once we leave. Our efforts to preserve the natural environment and its local wildlife is an ongoing endeavour. This season, we are proud to announce that we have reduced our plastic consumption by 90% by introducing reusable glass water bottles at all camps.


We consider ourselves incredibly lucky that we live in a country where there are so many isolated locations still to discover which have very little to no light pollution. We continue to make the most out of the clear night sky by working closely with astronomers. This is something we incorporate at our larger events as a way to educate and inspire guests whilst at camp.


We are proud to support the Environmental Society Oman and the work they do to protect Oman’s natural habitats and the animals which inhabit it.