Nestled on a beautiful secluded beach, a camp near Mirbat provides an excellent base for exploring the coastal region around Salalah.

The coastal town of Mirbat has had an interesting history, including providing the scene of intense fighting in the rebellion to Khori Rori, reputedly housing one of the Queen of Sheeba’s palaces and having been involved Frankincense exportation back in ancient times.

Travel journalist Tom Robbins wrote about his Hud Hud journey in The Observer:

‘We arrive at a crescent-shaped bay, where the Arabian Sea crashes against the white sand, framed at either end of black volcanic outcrops.  Stately brown canvas tents are spread out along the curve of the bay their porches facing the waves, and in the centre is a majlis, a covered but open-sided sitting area, full of cushions.  It’s 32C but there’s a delicious sea breeze.  After lunch we lounge about, then go out by boat to snorkel.  Four dolphins swim up alongside – although they scarper when we flop into the water.  When we return to our tents, which have proper beds, carpets, stacks of fluffy towels and robes, they are lit with hurricane lamps.  The sun is setting on the Jebel Qara, the mountain range that runs parallel to the coast.

A long table, cloth held in place by ornate miniature weights, has been set up on the beach and is surrounded by flaming torches and bedecked in candles. Frankincense smoke billows across from a little charcoal burner.  It’s all quite overwhelmingly beautiful for our first night…

We set off early, heading west from Salalah along the coastline.  Flamingos stand in the shallows of Mughsail Beach, a three-mile stretch of white sand with high cliffs, draped in morning mist, at either end.  Mike tells us an old Arab saying: ‘Rise early, for the hour after dawn is borrowed from paradise.’


Dolphins and turtles are often seen from the beach near Mirbat and the area is a haven for coastal bird life including osprey, pelican and flamingos. The old town also boasts some of Dhofar’s unique and beautiful original architecture and Mirbat was the scene of a heroic battle between Armed Forces of the Sultan and Marxist insurgents back in 1972.

Visit the nearby city of Salalah to see fantastic fruit gardens and a wonderful Frankincense souk. Nearby Wadi Darbat offers the chance to take a tranquil walk beside water filled pools and the ruins of Sumerham, the ancient trading port of the Queen of Sheba.

We offer a four night / five day safari in the Dhofar region, with two nights in the Empty Quarter and two nights on a beautiful beach near Mirbat.

To get a more integrated picture of the country, combine a visit to the Dhofar region with a tour of Northern Oman.